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Privacy Policy 

Privacy policy is assembled in order to give you a better understanding of; how we are keeping your data? Your rights concerning to your privacy. How your data is protected by law? You are encouraged to thoroughly study the privacy policy before you use the services.

Terms used in the privacy policy:

·   Services: it include any product(s), service(s), content(s), feature(s), technologies, and/or function(s) provided by

·         Platform: it includes all the website, and online resources by which we provide our services.

Who we are is the principal controller of the data used for online classified services, it is an online app with limited responsibility and its office is located at Havelian,22510, Pakistan with name of Sale Kardo (Hereafter, will be indicated as “Salekardo”, “we,''us”, or “our” in the privacy policy) is serving you, as stated in the terms of use. You can find the contact details in the contact information” section to know more .


What data do we collect about you?

We collect different data based on when and how we collect them:

Data you give at the time of registration and other data

At the time of registration, we may ask for some information depending on the mean through which you are registering;

·         If you are going to register, by using your google account you provide us with the following data; first name, last name, and email address.

·         If you choose your facebook account to register; then we will collect first name and last name as appeared in your facebook account. In the event, when you provide consent to facebook by its in-app privacy option, we may also collect the data on your gender, age and/or email id, depending on the permissions granted by you.

·         If you choose to register through your mobile number, then you will only be required to give only your mobile number.

It depends on you, what data you provide us by choosing, how you want to access or log-in to our services, you might ask you to provide us with the following information:

·         Name

·         User name

·         E-mail address.

·         Address.

·         Mobile number.

·         Credit card details, only if you are willing to buy our paid services, as described in the terms of use.

By using our chat feature on the platform

When you sent any information to other users, using our feature (chat), we automatically collect all the data provided in it.

The data collected, while using our services

When a user uses our services or communicate with our platform, some specific data is collected, the details of which are stated below;


Information about the device

We may collect some of your device information like; its operating system’s version and its unique identifiers, and the mobile network provider’s name. Then we link that device identifiers with your salekardo account.

Information about your location

Depending on the permission you have given, we automatically receive and use data to determine your current location, when you use our services or our platform. We use different technologies to know your location like your ip address, gps, wi-fi access positions and mobile towers. This data is used to help you to find any item(s) near you.

Client’s device and login information

We collect technical details, that include but not limited to; the ip address, time zone, and operating system of your device. We also collect your login data (such as the date of registration, last time you changed the password, the last time when you last successful login and version of the browser you are using.

You’re clickstream information

When you visit our platform, we gather all the information about the activities that you perform on the platform, that covers but not limited to; the websites or apps through which you entered our platform; each visit’s date and time; the searches you have made; advertisement banners and other listings that you click; your interaction and its duration; and the order of the visit of the content in our platform

Data collected from third parties or public sources

Salekardo may obtain your information from different third parties and other publicly available sources.  You can get more information about it by using appropriate contact, see the contact information” section for contact information.


Is data from minors accepted?

We don’t provide services to minors (under 16), we don’t accept data from a minor, intentionally. If we come to know that minor(s) gave us information, we will remove its data, instantly.

Salekardo is not allowed to form a contract if you live within Pakistan furthermore under 21. Such a person must accept that its guardian has seen and approved the terms of the privacy policy. If we will be needed your permission to work with your data, approval should be provided by your guardian. 

Why we use your data?

We only use your information only where it is allowed by the law to do so. Most common reasons for which we utilize your data are stated below:

·         When it is needed to execute the contract, we are about to enter into or hold a contract with you.

·         When it becomes essential for our authorized purpose like to enhance our services and to keep this platform, safe and secure for you.

·         When we are required to act due to an authorized or regulatory obligation.

In some cases, we will be required to get your permission. If we ever required your permission, we will tell the reason why we are asking for permission and for what data, we are asking for your permission, when we ask for your permission.

We have described the details about why we use your information; 

For providing you access and to deliver you our services via our platform

·         When you log in to our platform using your mobile number or email id, we check your first name and last name, mobile number and/or email address (depending on which on them you use to log in to our platform) to recognize you as a user of our platform and provide you   to our platform.

·         When you use a facebook account to log in, we check for your first name and last name (from your facebook profile) and email address (provided to facebook) to recognize you as a salekardo user and to provide you with a passage to our platform.

The login information given above is also to provide our services, according to our terms of use.

We also your email address and mobile number to give you suggestions and recommendations about our services (based on your interest).

We utilize the data above for the satisfactory purpose of the contract made between you and salekardo, on the basis of our authorized interest.

To improve your experience of using our platform

We use clickstream data to:

·         To give you structured or maintained content(s), like by giving you more appropriate search-result(s), at the time you use our services.

·         To decide how long are you staying on our platform and the manner in which you navigates via our platform?

·         To improve our services based on your data. We may also give you suggestion(s) of services and items available through it, on the basis of your visited content (s) or item(s) that you have clicked.

·         For the purpose of monitoring and reporting the effectiveness of the campaign delivery to our business partner(s).

The purposes of using your location data:

·         To assemble any anonymous and aggregated information about the factors and behavior of the salekardo user(s), which may include; for business analysis, segmentation, and/or development of anonymous profiles.

·         To improve the quality of our services and to personalize it to your preferences such as; by using your location data, we provide you with a list of the ads that are available in your neighborhood to enhance your buying experience.

·         For measuring and monitoring the interaction between you and the third-party’s advertisement banner(s), that is placed on our platform.

By using your log-in data, which may include email id and phone number, we marked all the various devices (such as laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet) that are used to access our platform by your account. It helps us to join your activities on our platform across devices and assists us to provide you with a smooth experience, regardless of which device you are using.

The data mentioned in this section is utilized to improve your experience on our platform, for our legitimate interests and for the satisfactory performance of our contract with you.

For a safe and secure platform

·         Salekado may utilize your mobile number, log data, and unique device identifiers to administer and protect our platform (or fraud prevention, system maintenance, and data hosting).

·         Salakardo analyzes your conversation on our chat feature to prevent the cases of fraud(s) and improves security by preventing or blocking spam messages.

We use the above data in order to; successfully fulfill the contract between salakardo and you, make the necessary advancement to our services and prevent fraud; in our legitimate concern.


The ways in which we will inform you of the changes

We may make some alterations in this privacy policy, now then. We will update this page with such change(s) and also inform you through our platform and/or send you a mail on your email address. If you or your guardian, disagree with the change(s), you can delete your account (all the data you post in it, will also be deleted) at any time.

Sale Kardo User Rights

Every user has specific rights given by law, rights depend on your country or the way we associate with you. This section includes all the information regarding your rights. The rights for a data subject are;


·         Able to make a request for the accessibility to the data (also referred to as “data subject access request”). It will allow you to have a copy of your information that we have of you and check if we are processing your data legally or not. 

·         Ask us to make any correction or alteration to the data, we already have, with this you can correct any incomplete and/or inaccurate data that we have, but we might be needed to verify the data.

·         Withdraw your permission to process your data, it will not affect the validity of the processing that we made during the permitted period.

Means of marketing and communication 

We will use email, sms or by notification on our application to communicate with you for confirming your registration, to keep you updated about your ad being online or it has expired and any other messages that relate our services. As some messages are necessary for you, so you cannot opt-out such messages.


You can end marketing message or notification from us whenever you want, you just have to opt-out by the link in the email or by sms or simply by contacting us at

You will receive marketing messages or notifications only when, if you;

·         Had requested for the information;

·         Are using the platform or services;

·         Had provided us, the data at the time, you joined a contest;

·         Are enrolled for a promotion.

To whom we give your data to?

Salakardo may provide your data to the parties stated in this section and for the purpose, we share your data is stated in why do we process your information? Section above.

To the corporate affiliates: we may distribute your data to firms that can be located inside and outside Pakistan. This will assist us to provide your business operation services like customer support, product enhancements, and fraud-detection mechanisms.

To third parties to help us in providing service(s):  salekardo may ask the help of third parties, in delivering specific aspect(s) of the services like cloud storage facilities such as amazon web services and Microsoft azure. Such third parties can be anywhere, whether inside or outside of Pakistan. Salekardo verifies all the third parties and asks them to consider the safety of your information and to use it according to the law. Salekardo never permits them to utilize your information for their purpose(s) or they and they are only permitted to use your data for a certain purpose(s).

To the advertising and analytics providers: to improve our service(s), sometimes we may share your information that is not identical to our analytics provider(s) that help us to analyze; how it user are utilizing our platform/service. We share your data in a non-identifiable form. So, they can observe the effectiveness of the campaign and deliver a report(s) on the effectiveness of our business partners and for internal business analysis.

To the law enforcement authorities and other related third parties: we may reveal your information to regulators, law enforcement authorities, governmental and/or public bodies and/or any other associated third parties, in order to comply with the legal or regulatory requirement(s), if needed. We may sell, transfer, or merge our business or parts of it or our assets. Or, we may attempt to get other companies or join them. If a development like that occurs to our company, then the new owners will be able to access your data in the same manner as it is stated in the privacy policy.

Making publicly visible and accessible: whenever you chose to make some or specific data publicly visible at the time of posting, then other salekardo users will be able to view and share that data. This can contain first name, last name, email location, address, and/or contact number. As the data you provide to other users can be shared among them or with others, so please be cautious when you give your data to others.

Where we store data and how long we keep it?

All the data we gather is stored and processed inside Pakistan in secure servers in order to provide you the best possible user experience.


We keep your data only for as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose(s) of the data we need it for, which may include; satisfying any legal, accounting, and/or reporting requirement(s).

To decide the suitable, period of time to hold the data, we consider these factors for that purpose; amount, nature of the data; how much sensitive data; what are the possible risk of harm that can be caused by the unauthorized access and/or use of the data. It also depends on the purpose(s), for which we use that data and whether or not, we can manage to fulfill that purpose(s) by other means, and the applicable legal requirement(s).



If you have other question(s) or doubt(s) on, how we store your data, you are welcome to contact us at

All about security system and technical & organizational methods to store data

Each and every piece of information that is collected is stored on our secure server(s) and we use all the technical and organizational methods that are required to keep your data safe. Salekardo also make sure to check for any problem in the security of the network(s) from time to time and also check, how it's internal security program works, that is designed to fulfill the following purpose;

  • Provide assistance in securing the data from any type of accidental and/or unlawful loss, access and/or disclosure to a third party, etc.
  • Look for any potential risk(s) to the security system of the salekardo that can be logically be seen beforehand 
  • Minimize any risk(s), which can affect your data safety, by judging how much risk is there and regularly testing for any potential risk(s). Salekardo also makes sure to keep your payment data safe, by encrypting them with the use of SSL technology.

Take note that, even though we have taken each and every action, so your data can be protected but when data is transferred by using the internet and/or such open-network(s), it becomes impossible to secure data, there will always be a danger that will remain on your data that it might be reached to any unapproved third parties.

Link(s) of the third-party website(s)

You may find the link(s) of another website(s) and/or app(s) third-party. If you visit any links that lead to another website or app, those website(s) or app(s) and exercise their privacy policy and we have nothing to do with those website(s) or app(s). So, we will not take any responsibility for those policies and the damage or loss caused by them. When you visit another website, we inspire you that, you should read the privacy policy of each site.

Contact information

If you need more data for executing your rights, you can ask our privacy officer through contact us page, or information which is given below

Future changes in the policy

We might alter the privacy policy (mentioned above) in the future. In order to keep up to the judicial requirement(s) and as we will be operating our business. You are encouraged to check the privacy policy on a daily basis, to keep yourself updated on our latest changes in it.

If we make any material change(s) to our policy, we may endeavor to inform you through the notice on our website and/or application, and/or email (referred to as "notice of change").



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