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Terms and Conditions

Agreeing to the terms and conditions:

Salekardo provides a number of online resources and services, including classified ads, responses, reminders, updates (hereafter, it will be referred to as the “Service") with the following terms and conditions (referred "Terms"). By using the Service in any possible manner, you are agreeing to accept our Terms, and when using any specific Salekardo services, you agree to accept to follow any appropriate posted guidelines for all Salekardo Services, which we may alter at times. If you have any objection regarding any part of the Terms, any instruction, or any other alterations or become unsatisfied with Salekardo in any way. The only course of action you can take is to immediately discontinue use of Salekardo. However, we encourage you to inform/complain to our customer care team who is always there to listen to it and will always try their best to address your concern(s).

Alteration or modification in this agreement:

We preserve all the right; to modify, alter, and/or change the Terms at any time without any prior notification. All the alterations to the Terms will become valid instantly upon posting and must be followed. Read this Agreement regularly to remain updated on any modification in this agreement.

Content posted through our service or platform:

It is stated that you agree that all the posting(s), ad(s), message(s), text(s), file(s), image(s), photo(s), video(s), sound(s), or other material(s) (hereafter, will be referred as "Content") posted on, forwarded by, or linked from the Service are the responsibility of the person, who have originated that Content (we are not responsible for anything regarding them) and you are completely responsible for all Content that you post, email, or otherwise make available by the use of the Service. Salekardo does not control them and it is not responsible for any Content made available through the use of the Service and by using the Service, you may come in contact with the Content(s) that are insulting, immoral, incorrect, or misleading. Moreover, the Salekardo site(s) and the Content(s) available on the Service may hold link(s) to another website(s), such sites are completely independent and they have nothing to do with Salekardo. Salekardo gives no warranty or sureness of the correctness, entireness or genuineness of the data included in any such site. So, you can link to another website(s) at your risk and we will not be responsible for any damage or danger and you agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with the use of any Content and that on any situation Salekardo will not be responsible (by any law or Terms) in any way for the Content(s) or for any type of loss as a result of using any Content posted, emailed or made available through the Service. By giving your mobile number to be listed on, you also acknowledge receiving SMS from other Salekardo users who may want to communicate with you from the site. You are acknowledged that Salekardo does not pre-screening or permit Content (unless specified, but that Salekardo will have the right (however, no obligation to do so) to cancel, erase or shift any Content that is available through the Service, for breaching the Terms or other reason(s).

Content, Websites, and Service from Third-Party:

The Salekardo site(s) and Content(s) available within the Service of it, may contain features and functionalities that will link you or provide you access with the third-party content, which has nothing to do with Salekardo and Salekardo will not be responsible for loss, damage and/or any other issue arise with/by them, that may include website(s), directories, server(s), network(s), system(s), data and database(s), application(s), software(s), program(s), product(s) or service(s), and the Internet as a whole, open such link or view content at your own risk. Your communications with any group(s) or individual(s) got on or by the Service, which may include payment and/or distribution of goods or any service, and another term (s), condition(s), warranties or representation(s) linked with such dealing(s), will only remain between you and such party/organization(s) and/or individual You may investigate whatever or any manner you see to be fit before continuing with any online or offline interaction/deal with any of these Third-Parties. You will not hold any claim against Salekardo, we will not be responsible or liable for any type of loss or damage that occurred because of ant dealing(s) between you and any third-party. In case of, having a dispute between the participant(s) on our site, and/or between users and/or any third party, Salekardo has no duty to be involved in such matters. If there will be a debate, between you and another user(s) regarding any matter; you declare that you will not make any claim, demand and/or ask compensation for any damage of any type (identical or non-identical, trustable or untreatable, exposed or concealed); from Salekardo and/or its directors, workers, representatives, and successors-in-right; which may cause by or it is relevant to such dispute(s).

Complain or Claims of Transgression:

You think them someone infringement the law(s) of copyright or violate your property’s right(s) in any way on our Platform or by using our Service, inform us of such violation or transgression contact us through;

Disclosure OF the privacy AND data:

Salekardo has set out a Privacy Policy to explain its users about the collection and usage of their personal information, which can be found at;

If you use any Salekardo website(s), app(s), a mobile website(s) and/or the Service that will be taken as you read and agree to the Privacy Policy. Moreover, you also understand and agree that Salekardo have all the right, whether to secure or reveal your Content, and your data, such as Email Addresses, Internet Protocol Addresses, Timestamp(s), and any other data about you, if will be required to do it by any law or it is believed to be for the good faith belief that such preservation or disclosure of the information is necessary to; comply with legal process, enforce the Terms, respond to the claim(s) that any Content by the user of Salekardo, violates the rights of third parties and to respond to the claim(s) made by a third-party that their contact information (e.g. phone number, street address) has been posted or transmitted without their approval or as a sort of harassment. To protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Salekardo, its users or the general public.

Code of Contacts:

You agree that you will not post, email or make Content(s) available;

·         That is illegal, damaging, intimidating, immoral, harassing, insulting, false, violation of any individual or group’s privacy, or is dangerous for minors in any way.

·         That is immoral, indecent or adult content in nature.

·         That harasses, degrades, intimidates or offensive toward any individual or any group especially on the basis of their religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability or any other matter(s).

·         That mimics any person, entity and/or a group, that includes but it is not limited to; a Salekardo employee, or falsely states or misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity.

·         Which may include private or recognizable data about any individual or a group without the permission of that person.

·         That is a false, deceptive, misleading, and deceitful, miss informative, and/or constitutes bait and switch.

·         That transgresses any limitation, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any third party, and/or Content(s) that you do not have any right to make them available under any law or under contractual relationships.

·         That might constitute or contains Affiliate Marketing, Link Referral Code, Junk mail, Spam, Chain Letters, Pyramid Schemes, and/or offered marketing advertisement(s).

·         That may constitute or carry any sort  of advertisement if: place on the area(s) of the Salekardo site(s) which are not chosen for mentioned purposes or email any Salekardo user(s) who did not permitted in writing that it is ok to communicate with them regarding another service(s), product(s) or commercial interest(s).

·         That contain links to the commercial service(s) or website(s), except for those which are allotted in "Services";

·         That is to be used to advertise any unlawful service(s) or the sale of items that are forbidden or restricted by any National, Provincial or Salekardo’s laws and regulation which include but not limited to; the sale of the item(s)  which is restricted or organized by the law of Pakistan.

·         That may have viruses or any other computer code(s), file(s) or program(s) that are designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software(s) or hardware(s) or telecommunications equipment(s) of the Salekardo or its user(s).

·         That may disrupt the normal flow of dialogue(s) with an excessive number of messages (or maybe known as “Flooding attack”) to the Service, or make a negative influence on other users' ability to access the Service.

·         That may lead towards or have any misleading email addresses, or header(s) forged or manipulated identifiers so that they can disguise the original origin of the Content transmitted through the Service.

Agree Not to:

·         Contact any individual who asked not to be contacted.

·         Stalk, harass or badmouth to anyone.

·         Collect personal data of other users for commercial or unlawful purposes.

·         Use any automated means that include but not limited to spiders, robots, crawlers, data mining tools, and/or the one to download data from the Service without the permission given by Salekardo.

·         Post any non-local or irrelevant content. Repeatedly posting the same or similar Content and/or put an unjustified or unnecessary large load on our infrastructure by adding a lot of unnecessary resources.

·         Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Salekardo's computer systems and/or to engage in any activity that results in disrupting, diminishing the quality of, interfering with the performance of, and/or effects the functionality of the Service or the Salekardo website,

·         Use of any form of automated device or computer program to submit posts on Salekardo without it being written by the author, manually.

·         Adding posts without limitation. Use an automated posting device to submit posts in a bulk and/or for automatic submission of posts at regular intervals

Marketing and Communication Means:

Salekardo will communicate to its registered members by the Email Address and/or Mobile Number provided in your account. Salekardo will use the provided your Email ID and/or Mobile Number to give you for the following purposes:

·         E-mails, SMS, and/or Voice Calls linked or linked to your account,

·         Introduce the new service(s) and/or feature(s) of Salekardo, in your account,

·         The Newsletter(s) subscription.

·         Information concerning any alteration in our Policies and Terms.

·         To those mailers who provide Third-Party service(s), from time to time.

Keep this in mind, these marketing and communication may include a commercial message(s) from the advertiser(s); but, Salekardo never gives the advertisers, any personal information that includes email and mobile number. You can always opt-out of the newsletters and/or promotional announcements, whenever you want.

How to Opt-out:

You can always opt-out by:

·         Removing or erasing ads and/or other data that you make available via our Platform and/or Service.

·         Deleting your Salekardo account,

·         You can also unsubscribe from getting any marketing notifications, news, and/or notification whenever you want, which will fully erase your data, ad(s) that you post and other information relevant to you.

Policy against Scum and Spam:

You acknowledge that mailing offered email communications to Salekardo's email addresses or by Salekardo’s systems is expressly prohibited by the Terms. You also understand that Salekardo may/will observe your email use by human monitoring or automated software to review for some precise words that are affiliated with spam or scams, from time to time. The interaction between any two or more users using the communication features from the Service and the Platform may only be used according to the Terms. Any illegal usage of the Salekardo computer systems is a breach of the Terms and/or specific national and/or provincial law(s) too. These infringements will cost you a civilian and/or criminal fine to the sender and its agents.

Service Limitation:

We hereby inform you, Salekardo may limit the use of the Service anyway, that may include but not limited to; how many days the Content will be available or displayed by our Service; how many ads, email, and/or other Contents can be sent or saved within the Service, and to the rate at which you can use the Service. You also acknowledge that Salekardo will not have any obligation or responsibility in the case, any content that is saved or conveyed through the Service is removed or lost. You also accept that Salekardo holds the right to alter or terminate our Service (or any part(s) of the Service) with or without prior notice at any time and that Salekardo will not be liable to anyone for the modification(s), suspension or discontinuity of the Service.

Ad-Posting Tools or Agents:

In this article, any Third-Party’s Agent(s), service(s) that may propose to post Content on our Service or Platform for any other individual or a group, are referred to be “Posting-Agent”. Salekardo does not allow Posting-Agent(s) to be used to post Content on the Platform or by the Service unless you have a written authorization provided by Salekardo, nor Posting-Agents are allowed to post any Content for anybody or try to use the Service for posting any Content for a Third-Party, unless they are provided with a written permit or authorization granted by Salekardo.

Accessibility to the Service:

Salekardo gives you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive permission to use the Service for your private use. The consent does not cover any type of gathering, collection, disassemble, duplication, pretension or use of the Service. It does not allow any type of application of Data-Mining, Robot(s), Spider(s), or other data collection tool(s) for any purpose(s) unless it is permitted to you by Salekardo. There is an exception in this that, it can be provided to a General-Purpose Internet-Search-Engines and/or to a non-commercial in that use such tool(s) to collect data only for the purpose of providing the hyperlink(s) of the Service provided, they do it from a steady IP (Internet Protocol) address or variety of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses using a recognizable agent(s) and go along with our robots.txt file. It does not include any website(s) or Search-Engine or any other kind of service(s) that especially in classified listing(s) or in any subset of classifieds listing(s) such as employment, residence, for sale, services, or organization, or which is in the business of giving classified ad listing service(s). Salekardo allows you to advertise on your website(S) or create a hyperlink on your website(s) to, individual post(s) on the Service unless such use is for non-commercial and/or news reporting purpose(s) only (that include but not limited to, for use in individual web-blog(s) or individual online media). When the total number of such posts displayed or linked to on your website exceeds one hundred (100), you will be assumed to be in infringement of the Terms, in the lack of specific license given by Salekardo. You may also create a hyperlink to the home page of Salekardo sites unless such link(s) does not represent Salekardo, its workers, or its associates in an incorrect, misleading, critical, or abusive manner.

Salekardo may propose you several sections of the Service in RSS format so that user(s) can insert individual feed(s) into an individual website(s) or blog(s), or view posting(s) through Third-Party software news aggregators. Salekardo allows you to show, an extract, and link it to the RSS feed(s) on your own website(s) or own web-blog(s), such access are stated as follows;

·         You will use the RSS feed only for personal purposes, and will not use it for commercial purposes only.

·         Every title you accurately connected to the original post on the Service and redirects the user(s) to the post if the user clicks on it.

·         You provide, adjacent to the RSS feed, proper attribution to '' as the source.

·         Your use does not imply that Salekardo supports or validates cause(s), idea(s), website(s), product(s) or service(s) of any Third-Party.

·         You will not share the RSS feed.

·         You will not overburden Salekardo's systems. Salekardo preserves all the rights in the content(s) of the RSS feeds and may cancel or stop any RSS feed at any time.

If the Service is used exceeding the approved access allowed to you by Salekardo. Salekardo will instantly end or cancel your authorization or license. If you want to collect, aggregate, copy, reproduce, disclose or make any other derivative use of the Service or any Content(s) made accessible by the Service for another purpose(s) (including marketing purposes or any other purpose that is not stated here), you must have to obtain a license from Salekardo, first.


Discontinuation of Service:

You acknowledge that Salekardo holds the sole right to remove or delete your Salekardo account, block your email address and/or Internet Protocol address and/or limit or completely block your access to use our Service (or any part), instantly without any prior notice, and delete any or all the Content that you post within the Service because of any reason including but are not limited to; if Salekardo think or get a report that you have opposed or did not follow the Terms. Furthermore, you also acknowledge that Salekardo will not be responsible (neither by law nor Terms) for any stop your access to our Service.

Sole Rights:

The Service is secured by law(s) for copyright and global agreements. The content which is displayed on or by the Service is also secured by copyright as a combined or collection work, fit with copyright laws, and international laws. You are not allowed to copy, alteration, making of copied works from and/or redistribution of the site and/or the combined work, and/or duplicating the sites and/or any part to any other server or location for more duplication or redistribution is forbidden unless a written permit is not granted by the Salekardo itself. You also acknowledge not to replicate, remake or copy Content from the Service unless written approval is given by Salekardo and accept all and any copyright notifications exhibit on the Service. You are not allowed to decompile or dismantle, Reverse-Engineering or make any try to discover the Source Code contained within the Service. Without applying any limitation to the former, you accept not to copy, duplicate, or utilize for any marketing objectives, and/or any other features of the Service.

Even though, Salekardo does not declare any possession of the Content(s) that is posted by its user(s). You understand and agree that you will automatically give the Salekardo a permanent, continuous, fully-paid, global permission to use license to reproduce, copy, present, and share the Content(s) that are posted on the public area of the Service and to make transmitted works of, or combine within other work(s), such Content(s), and to allow and empower sublease of the prior. Moreover, by posting any Content(s) on the common section of the Service, you will provide Salekardo all licenses required to prevent every type of collection, presentation, rewrite, or misuse of the Content(s) on the Service by any individual for any reason.

Refusal of Any Guarantees:

You agree to the fact that the use of the salekardo site and the service is completely at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any loss or damage. The salekardo website(s) and the service(s) are given on an "as is" or "as available" basis, there is no warranty on any item. All express and implied warranties, including, without any limit, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose(s), and non-infringement of the sole right(s) are expressly disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law. to the fullest extent permitted by law, salekardo disclaims any type of warranties for the security, reliability, timeliness, accuracy, and performance by the salekardo website and its service(s) and salekardo deny any guarantees for other services or good(s) taken by or advertised on the salekardo website(s) or the site(s) or service(s), or through any link(s) on the salekardo website(s) by the fullest extent permitted by law, salekardo deny any guarantee for viruses or other dangerous component(s) that connect with the salekardo website(s) or the service(s). Some of the jurisdiction(s) may not allow the denial of an implicit guarantee. Then, such jurisdiction(s), some of the prior denials may not applicable to you as they are relevant to the implicit guarantees.

Responsibility Limitation:

In no situation. salekardo will be responsible (by law) for direct, indirect, accidental, unique, consequential or exemplary damage(s) (even though salekardo has been notified of the possibility of such losses), in the result of your use of the salekardo website(s) or the service(s), whether the damage(s) is caused due to the use or misuse of the salekardo website(s) or by its service(s), from unable to use the salekardo website(s) or the service(s), or the interruption, cancelation, alteration, or stopping of the salekardo website(s) or the service(s). such limits will  also apply with regard to the damage(s) caused by the basis of other service(s) or product(s) collected via or advertised in connection with the salekardo website(s) or the service or any other link(s) on the salekardo website(s), as well as by reason of any data or advice obtain by or advertised in connection with the salekardo website(s) or the service(s) or any other link(s) on the salekardo website(s). The limitations mentioned above, will be applied to its fullest, permitted by the law(s). In some jurisdictions, liability limits are not allowed. So, in the act of such jurisdictions, some of the previous limit(s) will not be applied to you.

Insurances and Compensation:

You consent to compensate Salekardo, its administrators, subsidiaries, members, successors, assigns, managers, directors, representatives, service providers, suppliers, workers and other members of Salekardo and would not make any claim or ask compensation for compensation from them, which may include, but not limited to; reasonable attorney’s fees and court charges or expenses caused by any Third-Party by or arising because of; The Content you post by our Service;  Your usage of the Service; The breach of the Terms; The violation of any of the representations and warranties here; or breach of any rights of someone.

Information Regarding Agreement:

Terms state that the complete contract among you and Salekardo, it also governs the usage of the Service, superseding all previous contracts among you and Salekardo. The Terms and the relation among you and Salekardo will be administered by the laws of Pakistan without any concern to its disagreement with the law provision(s). You and Salekardo accept to submit to the private and independent administration of the courts situated within Pakistan. If Salekardo failed to practice or implement any right or provision that is stated in the Terms will not be considered, as a waiver of such right. If any provision of the Terms competent jurisdiction to be invalid according to the courts of/within Pakistan, each party accept that the court would attempt to provide influence to its purposes as indicated in the provision, and the other provision(s) of the Terms will continue with complete power and effect without any change. You accept that whatever the statute or regulation to the contrast, any claim or purpose of action resulting from or associated with the Service and/or the Terms need to be registered in a year duration after which any claim or cause will be considered unreasonable or invalid and will be banned.

Breach of Terms and Its Penalty:

If you find any violation of the Terms, please report them by using the reporting feature, or send us an email at

If we failed to respond with regard to a violation by you or others, it will not be taken as waiving our power to act on any following or similar infringements.

You hereby agree that, because of the fact that damages are often difficult to quantify and if it becomes crucial for Salekardo to endeavor for proper action to implement the Terms mentioned above, you will be liable to pay Salekardo the values as settled damages, which you agree as reasonable approximation of the Salekardo's losses for the specified violations by you or any other user(s) of the Terms;

·         If you were to post a message that may impersonate any person, entity and/or a group; falsely states or misrepresents your connection with a person, entity and/or a group; or it includes private or recognizable data regarding another individual or a group without having the permission of such person, then you give Salekardo Rs 50,000 for every message that implies at least one of the above conditions. The mentioned provision will not be requested when such message(s) are lawful copies of public bodies.

·         If Salekardo was to establish limit(s) on the repetition by which you can use to the Service, or stop you to use our Service, you are agreeing to give Salekardo Rs 5,000 for every message that you post after reaching the limit(s) or for per day at which you  can use Salekardo in exceed of such limit(s), whichever is higher.

·         If you were to send any offered email advertisements to Salekardo's email addresses or by using the Salekardo network systems, you accept to give Salekardo Rs 1200 for every email.

·         If you send any message(s), which may breach the Terms of Use, different than as specified above, you are agreeing to give Salekardo Rs 5,000 for every message. Salekardo may choose to give a notice or warning before estimate losses.

·         If you duplicate, reproduce, reprint and/or use any Content (except for your own Content) for whatever reason. It will violate the Terms unless Salekardo does not give you written permission, you agree to pay Salekardo Rs 150,000 for every day on which you involve in such matter.

Or else, you accept to compensate for the Salekardo's exact losses, to the degree such exact losses can be moderately estimated. In spite of any other provision of the Terms, Salekardo holds the right to ask for compensation for the particular performance of any term included in the Terms, or a preceding or constant order against the violation of any term or to support the practice of any authority granted in the Terms.



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